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Second Innings Sports Management company, as the name suggests is giving an opportunity to all the tied up corporate souls to take some time off and play the special second innings of cricket at our beautifully carved ground equipped with all the modern facilities. Our sole purpose of this venture is to help you follow your long lost passion for cricket. We take the first mover advantage in showcasing the live coverages of all the matches in Delhi NCR for the first time.

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Sports entertainment industry has witnessed a series of changes in the past. We have spiced up our new as well as existing projects of sports entertainment business models with technology and innovation in its core. Our team is adept in handling and executing any sports event. We always look for challenging opportunities and this is the reason we are also focussing on the future of E-sports gaming. We are looking forward to give new definition to sports management industry with our following services:

Digital stadium landscaping

Brand visibility areas such as Jumbotrons, A3 Panels, Concosure TVs, and special fan stands are used as advertising solutions for increasing the revenues of the stadium and sports arena.

Sponsorship management

We can become your aide in your search for an ideal sponsor for an event from our wide network of corporates and sponsor companies. At the same time, we can help you in becoming a sponsor for a franchise, sports event or league. We offer a seamless experience to all the stakeholders.

In stadia advertisement

We help you take the brand visibility a notch higher with our different modes of brand showcase such as sight screens, fan stands, jumbotrons, corporate boxes, side perimeters etc. during the sporting events.

Brand activation

We provide opportunity for effectively connecting and engaging with the audience through sports events. We make client specific projects to cater to their customer engagement goals.

Event operations

Each and every event operation, be it venue service, hospitality management, tournament and event execution, logistics, promotions, vendor management and evaluation, even scheduling, site selection etc. can be efficiently done by our experienced team of professionals.

E-sports gaming and events

Since E-sports is the future of the gaming industry which is establishing its threshold in the Indian ecosphere, we at Second Innings have already initiated talks with various game developers for adding this feature for our clients and partners.

Eklavyaa Cricket Academy

This is our innovative venture for digitally improving the cricket skills for many out there. With Deepak Rai, ex-serviceman from Indian Airforce, as the coach who has experience of coaching various successful cricket teams imparting formal training in this academy, growing and excelling in the field of cricket becomes a sure thing. He is BCCI Level 1 coach and has played for the esteemed Delhi Ranji Trophy. To enroll in the academy, a prior registration of the students is required.


We are one of the kind. The first rational to choose us is that we are passionate towards transforming the sporting business and eager to craft the success story for multiple clients. We are digitalizing the cricket game with our Eklavyaa Cricket Academy for ardent learners of the game and providing innovative methods of gaming for the game lovers. We are for the first time ever providing live coverages of all the matches.

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